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ID Living Community FAQ's

Why does this site exist?

To foster and improve the communication between all the participants in the id community in order to improve the id living experience. To improve the asset management and incident management that is part of living in a community.

Why not use facebook?

idliving does not seek to replace or even replicated social networking sites such as Facebook, but rather complement them. Whereas Facebook helps you connect with people you know or meet, idliving can help you connect with people you may not yet know but need or would like to communicate with.Eg the owner of the apartment you may wish to buy, the service contractor responsible for maintaining your apartment or a neighbour who may join you walking your pet. idliving does this without compromising privacy. This "Real Community" technology provides value to users that Facebook cannot deliver. Furthermore, users can choose to provide links to Facebook etc profiles at their own discretion.

Who are the participants in idliving?

Tenants & owner-occupiers (residents) , owners (investor & owner-occupiers) leasing agents, sales agents, building managers, body corporate managers and contracted service providers. All participants in IDLiving are bonafide id related individuals that have access to the website during the course of their association with the property. With efficient and valuable communication we can collaborate to improve the living experience, increase the value and reduce the costs of operating the property.

What about privacy?

idliving is password protected and hosted on a secure and managed server. The information that will be stored in the site is information that is currently stored in multiple other locations at present.

How does it work?

idliving is based on profiles created for participants and the properties or assets within id apartmtents. Assets include the apartments, car parks, storage cages, lifts and common areas etc. Information can be sent to our attached to each participant or property to enable communication, collaboration, issue resoltuion, reporting document management etc. The system improves both the living experience and the operational performance.

What is in the profile?

There are two parts to the profile for each participant. One profile is set up by the BM or OCM that would inlcude details such as phone numbers, emergency contact details, car registration, and swipe access codes that is not edited by the user. This is the same information that is currently on file and would be entered by the BM/OCM. The second part of the profile is can be modified by the user and would include personal interests, a photo etc, links. It is also possible for the user to make information such as phone number etc public to the rest of the id community at their discretion.

What is my username and password?

Your username is your firstname and first letter of your surname. A password will be provided to you and can be changed at anytime. Each property has an assigned "email" that is then forwarded to your own nominated work, hotmail, gmail account etc.

What happens if I forget my password?

You can enter an alternate email address that you have registered as a forwading email address and a new password will be sent. One of the forwarding email addresses would be the email you register with the building manager at the time of moving into id.

Will other residents etc automatically know in which apartment I live?

No. That will be up to your discretion. Each user then has an email address : Eg Jane Owner = janeo@idliving.com , John Tenant = johnt@idliving.com Janeo may live in building X407, JohnT may live in Y103 JaneO may wish to refrain from identifying herself at this point as the occupant of apartment X407 so the id community would contact her as JaneO who is known to live somewhere in id. JaneO can let individuals know this information in a private message. If Johnt needs to contact apartment E407 for some reason, perhaps to invite the occupant for a BBQ or advise they will be expecting some noise at an upcoming birthday etc, then Johnt can simply email E407@idliving.com. Each property and participant has an assigned "email" that is then forwarded to your own nominated work, hotmail, gmail account etc or available in the idliving "My community Mail" section.

What about people contacting me or harrassing me?

Firstly, we hope that given that this is a real community of real people who are your neighbours that in we will not have to deal with spammers, malice or indecency. Whereas today all participants have a physical mailbox that may indeed attract unsolictied and anonymous mail, idliving provides an electronic mailbox for all participants and can provide a verifiable and auditable trail of who is sending messages. With this traceability we expect all communications will be constructive, even if they are complaints.

What if I do not want to join or use this site or have no computer or web access or do not like to use email or the internet?

There is no obligation to actually set up a profile or check your mailbox, however we hope the value of the site and ability to communicate with your local community will encourage participants to utilize the community forum and ability to contact each other. If you never check your mailbox the contents will remain unread until you physically decide to leave the id community. You will have to rely on reading letters in your mailbox or information posted in the lifts or contacting the BM and agents at their respective emails or by phone. The site can be accessed from anywhere on the planet as with any internet site. The address is www.idliving.com

How do I get started?

The existing id community will have an account created for them against their apartment. A username and password will be provided by the building manager. New participants etc will have an account opened as part of the the introducton to the property Our community is a combination of people and assets. Each of these people and assets will have a unique identity against which information can be sent and stored. The interaction of people with people and with assets will create a series of events that need to be managed. This would include maintenance issues, noise complaints, or opportunities to do something fun.

What information can I access?

This site is both for viewing information, but also for creating information. The site is essentially comprises assets (apartments, car parks, storages cages, common property etc) and a list of people (owners, tenants, etc) that are associated to those assets. The site acts as a document and information manager. Therefore you can access the information online relevant to your apartment. This could be the layout information, the manual for the dishwasher or the specification for the paint colour. This is relative static information where the value is having a safe, easy way to find information. New information such as updates from the building manager, or Body corporate minutes of meeting can also be stored and viewed.