id Living - Emergency Plan and Evacuation Procedures

For the safety of all person/s you should be aware of the fire evacuation procedures that have been established for this building by the Owners Corporation.

You should familiarize yourself with the id apartment building and locate the safest route to exit the id apartment building in case of an emergency. IN AN EMERGENCY DO NOT USE THE LIFTS


False alarm call outs incur unnecessary expenses of approximately $4000.00 each time. These costs are charged to residents identified as being responsible in cases of negligence.


Emergency telephone numbers

 POLICE  000
 FIRE  000


1. This plan describes id apartments and its immediate surrounds. 

1.2 An emergency is defined but not limited to as any actual or imminent event which in any way endangers or threatens the safety or health of any person/s in the id apartment complex or which threatens to destroy any property within the building which may have legal implications.

1.3 An emergency could include but is not limited to:

  • FIRE

1.4 This plan is intended to be flexible and covers minor emergencies which may be managed by Residents, to major emergencies which will be dealt with by the emergency services.

1.5 After any emergency all written statements and incident reports will be forwarded to Bencorp OCM.

1.6 id apartments consist of:

  • 82 apartments 1 Dank St “Drift”
  • 37 apartments 15 Pickles St “Tide”
  • 65 apartments 19 Pickles St “Still & Splash”
  • 37 apartments 25 Pickles St “Still”
  • 43 apartments 2 Rouse St “Tide”

1.7 A fire evacuation system has been installed and is linked to the Metropolitan Fire Services.

1.8 When the fire evacuation system has been activated you will hear a number of different alarms warning you to evacuate the building.

1.9 The Metropolitan Fire Brigade has access to keys to all the common property. MFB personnel will not enter apartments unless authorized or in the event of an emergency situation.


2. There are numerous risks associated with high density living. Risks change so you should regularly assess your apartment building and surrounds.
2.1 There is a number of first response fire fighting equipment though out the building these include fire hose reels and extinguishers all are clearly marked.

2.2 Focused Facilities Management during their inspections of Owners Corporation areas, may identify potential hazards and take appropriate remedial action. Remember that all fire stairs must remain clear at all times. Nothing is to be left or stored in stairwells at any time and offenders will be prosecuted.


3. When evacuating the building, residents and visitors should do so quickly in a calm and efficient manner. DO NOT USE THE LIFTS. The main assembly area is in the vicinity of Rouse street.  Please account for all person/s that were in your apartment and if any are missing report this immediately to the nearest emergency services personnel.

3.1 The all clear to return to the building will be given by the officer in charge of all emergency services personnel.


4. All residents should make themselves familiar with the location of the nearest exit doors, fire stairs, fire equipment and light switches in fire stairwells.

4.1 Each apartment should change their smoke alarm battery 9Volt every 12 months, also consideration should be given to purchasing a small fire extinguishers and fire blanket.


5. On hearing the fire alarm leave immediately, Assist any person/s in immediate danger ONLY IF SAFE TO DO SO

5.1 Close all windows and doors behind you.

5.2 Call the Fire Brigade on 000 and give as much detail as possible.

5.3 Use first response fire fighting equipment if safe to do so- DON”T TAKE ANY RISKS

5.4 Fire escapes are on every level make sure the door is closed behind you.

5.5 While the evacuation is in progress you are not to re enter the apartment building.

5.6 Evacuate to the assembly area in Rouse street.

5.7 Remain in assembly area and ensure everybody in your apartment has been accounted for.- DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE FIRE COMMAND ADVISES YOU TO DO SO


6 Residents should report all damage to Bencorp OCM as soon as possible after the emergency.

6.1 Focused Facilities Management will arrange to have all emergency systems and equipment tested and checked.

6.2 Bencorp OCM will take appropriate action to have all common areas repairs undertaken.

6.3 If collective trauma counseling is required it will be arranged through Bencorp OCM, otherwise individual trauma counseling maybe arranged.