id Apartments - Governing Bodies


The “Owners Corporation” is the incorporated body of all owners of a particular strata site/development, in this case the owners of id apartments.  The Owners Corporation is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining the “common” areas of the property which includes land and/or facilities not on title to any one particular owner; eg. Main entrance foyer, corridors, lifts, gymnasium facilities, common gardens etc.
  2. General administration associated with cleaning and maintenance and overseeing the id complex.
  3. Appointing a Manager- Bencorp OCM


The committee of Management consists of a representative body of elected owners with the power to make decisions and rules for the comfortable running of the id complex. The members of the committee are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of owners.

Any Owners Corporation member (i.e. owner of an apartment) can attend the Committee Meetings as an observer. To do so, please fax your request to Michael Nugent Bencorp OCM on 9696 4855.

The Committee assists the Owners Corporation Manager with administration and repairs of common areas of the property. Id apartments have appointed Bencorp OCM as the Owners Corporation Manager approved at a Owners Corporation meeting.


Michael Nugent
Bencorp OCM
PO Box 173
South Yarra Victoria 3141

Phone: 9696 4811
Fax:     9696 4855