New Resident - Welcome

Focused Facilities Management and Bencorp OCM are proud to be managing the id partment complex in Port Melbourne. Their aim is to make id Apartments the best place to live. Tto achieve this, we ask all resident for their assistance, to ensue all Body Corporate Rules are adhered to. With 270 apartments in the development it will be beneficial to all residents that the rules contained in this brief are followed.

id Apartments encompasses TIDE on Rouse Street, SPLASH & STILL on Pickles Street and DRIFT on Dank Street. It will be “home” for those who choose to live here. For some it means a long term commitment to owning a valuable asset in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing Bayside suburbs. For others it represents a short stay living by the bay and enjoying the restaurants, bars, shopping and City lifestyle.  It is everyone's responsibility to respect the rights of your fellow neighbors and to maintain a boutiue complex of high standards.

The information contained in this brief has been complied to help all residents enjoy the experience of living at id Apartments, whilst at the same time avoiding unnecessary problems, costs and inconvenience to other owners, tenants or visitors.

The body corporate rules were established prior to hand over. The rules have been passed as required by Law at the Inaugural meeting of the Body Corporate meeting all rules are legally binding and owners, tenants and visitors are asked to abide by these rules while at id Apartments.

Please take the time to read the rules which will assist in maintaining a harmonious environment for everyone.

Owners are reminded, that is their responsibility to ensure that their managing agent issues a copy of these rules to any tenants that will reside a id Apartments. It is important that tenants that move into id apartments are fully aware of the rules and procedures prior to moving in. This will help maintain a healthy living environment.